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I do, I undo, I redo
Louise Bourgeois (via davidkanigan)

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"I need you."

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AMY POEHLER: Great people do things before they’re ready

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Fairytales reimagined

↳ The Little Mermaid set in Japan
Nothing gave the youngest princess such pleasure as to hear about the world of human beings up above them. Her old grandmother had to tell her all she knew about ships and cities, and of people and animals. What seemed nicest of all to her was that up on land the flowers were fragrant, for those at the bottom of the sea had no scent.
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Balin + character traits

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Legend of the Seeker + tumblr posts, pt.2 [pt.1]

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”I am the lost princess, aren’t I?” 

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Classic Disney Movies

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If you had a chance to change your fate, would you?

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I am a princess

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 asked anne boleyn + walking through court

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raspberries and nuclear warheads go very well together, yes

Sheep and Rugby, an excellent combination.

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